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Brian K. Jones

Lead singer, songwriter and occasional banjo picker, Brian K. Jones is a complete entertainer. He has mesmerized audiences with his original music and hysterical stories for over twenty years. Brian has recorded four solo albums of original music: Land of the Midday Moon (1984), Alaska Reggae Lullaby (1987), High Sierra Sky (1998), and Nevada (1999). He had also recorded two with Uinta Serenade: Life is a Thrill in McGill (1998) and Creepin' Along (2000).

Best known for his Alaskan songs, Fur Rendevouz and Alaska Reggae Lullaby, Brian has recently added a full stable of original western tunes to his already large repertoire. These include songs like Eureka, Creepin' Along, Family Oriented Cocktail Lounge in Utah, Sing Me an Old Cowboy Song, High Lonesome, and Mama Was a Rodeo Queen (which, incidentally, she was).

The Critics Say:

"The Poetry of his song is enough to stop a heartbeat. The trill in his voice can motion a long breathless pause of silence." The Sandy News, March 1999.

"When we first played Life is a Thrill in McGill, the phones lit up," Ely Daily Times, December 28, 1999.

"Every song on Brian K. Jones' Nevada album is upbeat and fun to listen to." Elko Daily Free Press, December 18, 1999.

"Land of the Midday Moon is a quality work. With strings echoing in the background, each of the songs tells a striking story of a modern pioneer in a mostly unsettled land." The Anchorage Times, February 1985.

"Intermission entertainment by Brian K. Jones singing his Fur Rendevouz song and side-splitting Alaska Reggae Lullaby is worth the cost of admission alone." The Anchorage Times, February 1986.

New: Brian also plays with the Backwoods Band!



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